Early Spring, a Gardener’s Chore List

If you are an avid gardener like me then you will be looking out your window right now at our beautiful green hills, crisp air and rain soaked soil thinking, “It’s time to get my garden going”. There are many ways to begin but I consider these next few months integral to the success of my future Collard Greens, Red Romaine’s and of course Tomatoes.

What Really Makes Trees Fall?

On the Central Coast the past couple of weeks we have been fortunate enough to get some much needed rain. However, every year the first big storm is always the worst for trees. Our streets get littered with tree debris, trees fall on houses and cars, and all emergency crews for the city are scrambling to keep up with all the damage.

Preparing for Spring Landscaping

As winter begins to wrap up it is time to start preparing your landscape for spring. There are many things that need to be done to the landscape before your plants start to wake up for the year. Timing is critical during this time of year to promote optimum grow and health of your plants.