Water Management

The most reliable, environmentally-friendly technology for keeping your landscape well-hydrated, without wasting a drop.

Stay compliant with watering restrictions &
save money

Another drought is just around the corner, but KD Janni Landscaping can keep you prepared and help you use your precious water resources wisely.

Installing an effective, efficient irrigation system is a challenge, but KD Janni Landscaping has the experience and expertise to make it happen. And, since we’re “Green Geeks,” conservation is a top priority for any water management system we install and maintain for our clients on California’s Central Coast.

The technology that makes today’s environmentally-friendly irrigation systems possible is changing rapidly. So our water management team keeps us apprised of the latest findings, trends, and California legislation so we can tailor solutions based on science that still take into account your property’s unique characteristics.

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Water Management services from KD Janni Landscaping include:

  • In-depth consultation & water-use planning
  • Up-to-date irrigation technology & techniques
  • High-efficiency valves, hoses, sprinklers, & timers
  • Ongoing analyses to ensure no under- or over-watering
  • Proactive maintenance of irrigation & electrical components